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skwidman16 (4:13:43 PM): dick
skwidman16 (4:14:04 PM): dicky dickardo
skwidman16 (4:14:07 PM): dick aurilia
skwidman16 (4:14:40 PM): endicke iglesias
skwidman16 (4:15:25 PM): your dads favorite band, Cheap Dick
skwidman16 (4:15:59 PM): in next years NFL draft, you'll be the first dick
skwidman16 (4:16:09 PM): dick jagger
skwidman16 (4:16:29 PM): michael moores controversial new film, Dicko
skwidman16 (4:16:44 PM): Stevie Dicks
skwidman16 (4:17:00 PM): Dicks Sporting Bads
skwidman16 (4:17:29 PM): you're like the bad joke on a popsicle dick
skwidman16 (4:18:26 PM): You needed to buy some canvas, so you went to Dick's Arts and Crafts
skwidman16 (4:18:47 PM): Dick and Span
skwidman16 (4:19:13 PM): you cheap ballpoint pens from Dic
skwidman16 (4:19:20 PM): *you buy
skwidman16 (4:19:40 PM): Jimminy Dick
skwidman16 (4:20:04 PM): Blow out that candle before it burns down the dick
skwidman16 (4:20:09 PM): Dick Willie
skwidman16 (4:20:19 PM): Dick Dug
skwidman16 (4:20:53 PM): Rikki Dicky Tavi
skwidman16 (4:21:57 PM): You follow the yellow dick road (asian joke bonus!)
skwidman16 (4:22:31 PM): you like to poke dead bodies with a dick
skwidman16 (4:22:48 PM): your favorite fruit cookie, Dick Newtons
skwidman16 (4:23:10 PM): you'd give a nickel for a dickel
skwidman16 (4:23:20 PM): pick it and dick it
skwidman16 (4:23:43 PM): the study of triangular relations, dickonometry
skwidman16 (4:24:06 PM): a closer shave every time with Dick Quattro
skwidman16 (4:24:19 PM): Here comes old Saint Dick
skwidman16 (4:24:31 PM): Dick Dundee
skwidman16 (4:25:02 PM): during summers on the farm, yous likesta fish crawdads outten the dick
skwidman16 (4:25:43 PM): the stream had died down to a dickle of water
skwidman16 (4:25:49 PM): icedickle
skwidman16 (4:27:23 PM): Hungry?  Grab a Dickers.
skwidman16 (4:27:29 PM): New York Dicks
skwidman16 (4:29:02 PM): Why did the dicken cross the road?  To get to the other dick.  Because you're gay.
skwidman16 (4:29:37 PM): Ted Dickland
skwidman16 (4:30:50 PM): Be careful pulling dicks out of your skin, the head might get stuck.  After removal the best way to kill a dick is to throw it in the fire.  Listen for the pop.
skwidman16 (4:31:42 PM): Lets go to the theater and catch a dick.
skwidman16 (4:31:52 PM): Dick Cheney
skwidman16 (4:32:10 PM): The Dicking River
skwidman16 (4:33:42 PM): The Legend of Dicky Bobby
skwidman16 (4:36:44 PM): sometimes high school kids break off into groups called dicks
skwidman16 (4:37:10 PM): The Quilted Dicker Picker-Upper
skwidman16 (4:37:32 PM): or better yet, the Quilted Quicker Dicker-Upper
skwidman16 (4:35:48 PM): some like William Shatner, but I'll always prefer Pat-dick Stewart
skwidman16 (4:38:54 PM): the Dicktric of Columbia