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Oct. 28th, 2007

So I went home this weekend to go to the DOKTORS about the scary heart thing, still no news, but it hasn't gotten worse, and i'm not dead, so yay!

I was hoping to go to Hocking Hillz to enjoy the SIGHTZ and take PICKTURZ but I had to go get freaking bloodwork done. AND I spent and entire day with this weird heart monitor contraption strapped to myself and it was itchy. I played video games non-stop. Watched Ohio State win. I saw my sisters sonogram pictures of MY future niece or nephew.

Went to watch the Bengals game, down at the stadium. It was fun, I find that the dudes behind our row of season tickets are guys with a drinking and vulgarity problem. I got mad sunburned and it was 55 degrees out.

Im not dead yet, so stop trying usurp me!