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I have several things to report, most importantly:

I'm going to have a niece.

Thats right. A female baby my sister has made so that I may spoil her and fulfill my dream of making her hate my other sisters in favor of me. All my dreams are coming true right before my very eyes! Healthy and normal and awesome Im told. Take that, everyone I know with NIECES!

Its going to snow, I hope a whole shitton. Still really excited.

My mom got a Siamese Kitten for X-mas
Pete Von Pretty Eyes
His name is Pete, short for Peter Parker. Yes, Spiderman. Somehow, having NO influence on the name, he still got an awesome name. And I know its not the best picture, my parents house is a cave of lighting. He is super sweet, albeit psycho. He chews on hair, crys super loud all of the time, follows you like a dog, sleeps on your neck and all of this occurs within seconds. Spaz.

I feel bad not saying more about my NIECE, but I don't know her yet.
The Godpasta'a NIECE, yeah.


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Dec. 17th, 2007 11:54 pm (UTC)
Yay Niece!!

And wow is he a cutey!

I really wish I'd gotten up off my butt to go play with him!
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