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I'm so excited its snowing right now that I could shit myself. In February, however, I will be shitting myself when I shoot my brains out because Im so tired of the snow. (See, 'cause when you die, you 'void') This happens every year. BUT! I never get excited the first time it gets really fucking hot or when any event during the summer comes along, because I hate that crapbag season.

I love the weather channel.

Also, as note to the money hungry: I made mad cash selling my old video games online (I have a total of ten I think). I now know what it feels like to be people who rob me!

The Holiday Card is being made. Email your address if you want one. This years will be hand drawn, because I had to find a way around the little detail of having no printer. They will be color copied and sent using my beautiful stamps.

godpasta @ gmail dot com