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One: Ratatouille is so freaking adorable awesome. I may or may not be biased. Wait, no, I didn't have to be! AWWWW.

Two: Type 'puppy' under flickr tag search. Good times.



Heres the scoop! Last week I took all my works hours and classes off and went on a tropical vacation to The Smoky Mountains! Whatever, it was awesome, that place is freaking beautiful and the weather was good for picturing, which is why I do anything.

Meigs Fall
Wanna see more cheap calender pictures?

Those are some of my favorites but my lack of bandwidth prevents me from doing any more for now. I dont care if they are cheesy I think that shits beautiful.


Not too great


Deluxe, my very first rat, the beginning of my madness, died thursday morning. She was about a month shy of 3 years old, almost dinosaur old, and I should be so lucky to have loved her as long as I did. She was never a 'lovey' type of rat, unlike my other bastards, inclined to stare at me with these 'I want you dead' look in her eyes for hours on end. She personnally destroyed 2 of my 3 work uniforms, my favorite hoodie, my PEZ shirt, several blankets and my floor sit pillow thing (I think she might have had help though). She would sit in my hood for hours patiently though, although I think she was tring to pull it down to stangle me.

-Godpasta, who loved her sweet Dee


OK, my life is raining crap on me. I, no shit, just found my betta, Leroy, dead. My world is layers upon layers of unfortunate shit!

Less about me, more about Leroy. I got him December 2005, I have no clue as to how old he was then. He was pretty and swam happily for his days. For many months he was the only man in the house. When I did first get him, he was sickly and would not eat (He lived in a mason jar before I got him!) and many wagered he would die soon, some even joing a When Will Leroy Die Death pool. But Leroy outlived all bets by at least 10 months! He would not eat for the last few days. He received the usual burial at sea.

I bought a six month supply of food last friday for him too. Is it horrible of me to say that I intend to use it and get a new betta tomorrow? I'm horrible then.


So, I got home from a super fun lunch with the work folk, I got to my door, realized it wasn't bolted (it always is) and walked in to realize we had been robbed. Again. We got robbed a month and half ago. They got some of Shan's DVDs (I keep mine in an easily hideable booklet) and they took my camera.

My super sweet beloved Canon S2 IS, that I love more than I love most people. I was close to 17000 pictures with that camera. Does that give you any idea? All the awesome pictures I show you are from that camera. I was really pissed off, the rare kind of non-Kate like angry. So mad that I called legal services to see if I can pin this on my landlord (I could but she knows Im breaking lease with the rats, all parties must overlook certain things).

What did surprise me, though, is that I was not as freaking upset over loosing it as I thought I'd be. I expected to be a melting mess of patheticness to be scooped up after night of mornful binge drinking by garbagemen outside my apartment assuming I was a garbage bag full of jello and unhappiness. No, I saw the brightside, it took me an hour to go camera shopping again. Uber-clickey had a bad lense motor and numerous dings from that time I thought a spider was on my hand and I threw it down on a sidewalk really hard. It was outdated too, not the top of the line. Gig cards are way cheaper than when I bought mine too.

I mean, I don't want to spend 500 dollars to replace a camera that works fine and a SD card because someone decided they needed crack money. 2007 hasn't been so great, though, and if I dont look on the brightside, I will go mad with sad madness. One thing about this camera being stolen; I dont have to worry about it getting stolen.

Don't think I won't beat the guy who did this to death with a baseball bat, either. Eye for a major organ, like a brain, I say.
(It has crossed my mind that the last pictures I took with click were of the wren, perhaps I will rethink my approach to the wren)



I have a problem. An epic battle, if you will. I, despite my incredible efforts, have never been able to get a decent picture of a Carolina Wren. I've seen one in my courtyard in front of my dank apartment, a pair lived at my grandmas woods which I frequent often. I likie to take pictures, and off all the birds I see often, this is the one that continues to evade me. I've bitched before. This has ALL changed.


This is a Carolina Wren, my friends. Found on the side of the road, my trusty friend knowing of my woes, Rachel, gave me its corpse to photo, she will later be collecting its skull for her wildlife skull collection (obtained legally on all regards).

Take that, you Wren bastard. Not cleverly flying away when Im about to snap a pictures so much anymore, huh?

In this world of insecurities, being unsure whats coming in your life, you can take solace in knowing that I am always insane.

My interesting stuff

I have been afflicted with the consumption this week. Or it might as well have been. OK. Stomach flu.

Even the sheer mightyness that I am known and loved for could not combat this virus bastard. This was my schedule on Monday (day one of horrible outbreak)

9am: Wake up. Icky.

11am: Midterm. Baby aliens in tummy.

12:15pm: Barf in bus stop garbage can. Grown up aliens in Tummy.

12:30pm: Home on couch, Law and Order megathon on TNT (Drama Television), nap. Aleins in epic battle with centaurs, centaurs have bayonettes.

1-6pm: A pattern of sleep, wake up, barf, law and order, and back to sleep again. Additional glaze coating of high fever and mega grumpyness.

6pm: Roomate comes home, dotes on me, I inform her because of our shared love of V8 Splash Tropical Blend, she's next.

6:15-9pm: Lay on couch, barf barf barf.

9pm: Heroes is on and Ill be damned if im missing that.

10:01pm: Post Heroes barf (I do that every week anyway because that show commands me to do so).

10:05pm-5am: Don't remember

5am-7am: wake up recovered enough to get some things done the aliens wouldn't let me do yesterday, they are taking a nap for the time being. Call into work.

7:01: Aliens wake up, take on the next opponent, Mr McCoy From Law and Order.

This additionally gives me the opportunity to mention that days do not start until you wake up and do not end until you go to bed. As of Today, Friday, I have, despite my efforts, have given it to 5 people. You're next! HAHAHA! Don't worry though! You'll lose weight and you sleep schedule will be awesome from the lack of doing anything for days. Hell, you should thank me. HAHA! Hell isn't real!

Crawling from the depths

Give me a break, I havn't been able to use my computer for 3 months. And I have some gem pictures for you. In the mean time

The hard drive failed, got a new giant hard drive, the motherboard, power supply, everything was fried, reinstalled windows to new hard drive, second mother board was fried. Got new motherboard and as it stands right now were going to reinstall windows again to see if we can work out this computers lasting issues. My computer is a gross alien baby of parts from a junkyard of computers.



Go ahead piss me off

Alright, jokes up. Give me back my glasses and nobody will be horribly maimed with my pet defenseless saber toothed tiger.

I have glasses for EIGHT YEARS and I have never lost them on this scale.